Design FAQs

How do I find a professional in my area?

The Directory lets you search by type of service, project type, location, experience and specialties. Find more about a designer including contact information and links. Search Directory.

What should I consider when hiring?

Formal training, education, and experience can vary widely among interior designers. Each state has different education and experience requirements for licensure, but all these states require interior designers to pass the exam given by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). You should consider the individual’s experience, your particular problem area or project, how many years they’ve been in business, any certifications or advanced training they may have, and how they work with clients (approach, time-frame, availability).

How do I pick the right interior designer to work with?

The decision to hire an interior designer can be a very personal one. Avoid choosing strictly by price. Instead, focus on finding someone with the personality and skill set that matches your needs. It’s a good idea to have an initial interview to get to know them and consider getting referrals to help you make your decision.

How much should I expect to pay?

Interior designers have their own scale as to what they charge for services, accessories, furniture, design plans, etc. As with most professions, fees will vary widely based on the profesional’s experience, your geographic location, and the services you are requesting. Some will charge by the hour, while others offer packages or charge by project. It’s best to establish a budget that is comfortable for you and keep this in mind when choosing who to work with. The designer’s fee is something that can vary just as much as prices vary on furniture, so it’s crucial that you’re asking the right questions and doing your homework. Be aware of any initial consultation fees, additional costs for needed materials and supplies, and disposal fees that may or may not be included.

What should I ask during a consultation?

What is your signature style?

For example, this is important to make sure you are not hiring a minimalist if you are wanting a traditional look.

Can you work within my budget?

This is the time to also ask what detailed items are covered by your budget. Plans? Furniture? Implementation? Designer Fees?

How long will it take to complete my project?

There are many variables to consider when working with a designer, such as is this one room or a complete remodel, is the designer doing the finishing touches, or ordering furniture? Be open to exactly how long you are willing to wait for the finished product, but be resonable when working within the scope of how much time it takes to finish the project.


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